Thermopest System

sistema thermopestSince 2010 SOGESsp has been performing pest control treatments with high temperatures through the Themopest® system, alternative to traditional chemical means (gases and fumigants) and absolutely ecological for the elimination of pests from facilities and premises, both agroindustrial (mills, pasta factories, feed mills, confectionery industries) and in the community (transportation, housing).


Impianto ThermopestThis system has the aim of bringing the temperatures at levels of at least 50 - 55 °C within the facilities to be treated. These values, maintained for at least 36 hours, have suppressive effects on all life stages of the insects (eggs, larvae, pupae and adults) infesting premises and facilities, resulting in the elimination of almost all the insects present and impairing the fertility of those surviving the treatment.

In this way, the insects die for dehydration (which occurs at lower temperatures) and for irreversible changes in the lipid composition, in the protein coagulation and, finally, in the elimination of bodily enzymes. Even medium-high temperatures (37-42 ° C), in addition to increasing mortality, have effects on the decrease in fecundity (number of eggs laid) and on lower fertility (reduction in% of eggs hatched).

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The equipment used consists of heaters that are distributed in sufficient numbers to achieve a smooth and gradual temperature rise in the entire volume.

To perform the Thermopest® treatment, few and simple steps are necessary: it is sufficient to keep clean the premises to be treated and close windows, doors and any other opening, in order to minimize heat loss and ensure the achievement of optimum process temperatures in the shortest possible time.

Unlike ordinary chemical pest control treatments, Thermopest® pest control system offers the following advantages:

  1. Non-toxic to humans and food
  2. It leaves no residue
  3. It does not require the evacuation of the premises to be treated
  4. It is applicable in factories that process biological productions
  5. It is applicable in residential environments, without any authorization or restriction
  6. Totally independent from other supplies
  7. AWide versatility of use
  8. Immediate use of the treated premises

To date, numerous studies have been conducted to verify the effectiveness of the treatment, and all gave more than satisfactory outcomes. SOGESsp in the Thermopest® system uses HT ecosystem technology.

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