Rodent control


The services of rodent control include the use of different means of fighting according to the species to be targeted and the type of environment to be treated, in order to ensure complete protection, focusing first of all on the prevention and in the second place on direct fighting the muridae pests.


There are specific solutions for each type of muridae infestation based on the location of dispensers, plastic and metal, chemical bait, with safety lock.



For this type of locations and for specific rodent control interventions, we use rodent baits consisting of food ingredients and active anticoagulant ingredients.





All baits used are positioned and protected in appropriate safety containers attached to the wall, which allow prolonged storage of the food base and preserve people and pets from the danger of contamination. The containers are equipped, in addition, with a safety anti-tampering lock.
In storage areas for raw materials and in rooms where food is handled, we install "ecological traps" and capture the pests, without the use of chemical baits, as provided by the main International Standards for Food Safety (BRC and IFS).
The installed locations are periodically inspected and maintained; after checking, reports are drawn up on the evolution of the captures of rodents with attached mapping of the exterminated areas.


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