Pest control

fogghy fantozzino 2Pest control is a set of activities aimed at the elimination or reduction of arthropods and their damage. This term includes the real plans of fight among which also the endotherapeutic and woodworm treatments. Endotherapy is the methodology by which pesticide treatments to trees is made by injecting the active substances in the trunk of the plants.



The pest control process involves the use of active principles distributed through sprayers, thermofogging equipment, atomizers, fumigation or through the use of PMC baits, such as the gel baits used for the control of cockroaches.

Disinfestazione3fogghi manuale 1Disinfestazione magazzini


The disinfection interventions are targeted at the control of insects, such as:


BEETLES                     WASPS                                    MOSQUITOS



ANTS                                            LEPIDOPTERA


Blattella germanicaMosca

COCKROACHES                                           FLIES


nido vespe

Such interventions are carried out in various environments, from industrial to domestic and civil, using specific active ingredients, spread with appropriate means chosen according to the size of the area, the type of environment (internal or external) and the type of target pest to eradicate; atomizers can be used that allow you to direct the insecticide solution and reach distances of over 60 meters. It is thus possible to treat large areas such as landfills, abandoned and uncultivated areas, ditches, edges of forests, meadows, paths.

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