FumigazioneSOGESsp, thanks to an experience of over twenty years, performs fumigation services throughout the national territory. This pest control process involves the use of toxic phosphine gas, the application of which can be performed in gas-tight warehouses, in non gas-tight warehouses, in airtight and not airtight silos. For the use of phosphide, being a toxic gas, a permit is required, issued by the police authority. In the warehouses, the mass of cereal is sealed with polythene sheeting to the perimeter walls, creating a total cover of the mass. In airtight silos, phosphide is applied by means of probes, entering the silo from the hatch on the roof. In non-airtight silos, the phosphine is applied by entering the silo from the hatch on the roof, and sealing the mass with polyethylene or the gap between the roof and the wall with paper and glue.

The treated premises, as well as the adjacent areas, will remain closed 7 days from treatment and will be reopened after detection of the concentration of gas still present, using special instruments; only then a document will be issued certifying the viability of the premises treated with phosphine, containing instructions to be followed before entering the premises and selling the product.


SOGESsp carries out disinfestation interventions with phosphide in the following ways:



The method consists in introducing the phosphine inside the cereal, through the use of specific probes able to arrive at a depth of at least 1.5 meters, favouring subsequently the gasification downwards.



The method consists in arranging the phosphine on supports in order to subsequently retrieve the residual powders from treatment by simple removal. The combination of CO2 (performed in cylinders or blocks of dry ice) facilitates the penetration of phosphide to the base of the treated mass, creating an oxygen-deficient environment. The use of this technique is restricted to specific situations (particularly high infestation, masses of height greater than 6 meters).



This gas can be used in airtight and non airtight silos (626 compliant). This type of operation does not require any type of authorization (no toxicity, indication in organic production). The duration of treatment is about 7-10 days; upon re-opening, performed by staff, the mortality of the insects checked.

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