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Disinfection of large storage areas


Thermopest® in action


FumigazioneSOGESsp, thanks to an experience of over twenty years, performs fumigation services throughout the national territory. This pest control process involves the use of toxic phosphine gas, the application of which can be performed in gas-tight warehouses, in non gas-tight warehouses, in airtight and not airtight silos. For the use of phosphide, being a toxic gas, a permit is required, issued by the police authority. In the warehouses, the mass of cereal is sealed with polythene sheeting to the perimeter walls, creating a total cover of the mass. In airtight silos, phosphide is applied by means of probes, entering the silo from the hatch on the roof. In non-airtight silos, the phosphine is applied by entering the silo from the hatch on the roof, and sealing the mass with polyethylene or the gap between the roof and the wall with paper and glue.

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